NXShield-M for Arduino Mega or ADK

NXShield-M (for Arduino Mega or ADK)NXShield-M attaches directly to an Arduino Mega, Mega 2560 or Arduino ADK.
It allows you to connect upto 4 NXT motors, and 4 NXT Sensors, and program for them through Arduino sketch.
You can also attach upto 12 RC Servo motors to NXShield-M.
It also provides ports for I2C devices, and analog inputs.

Programming for NXShield is on Arduino, using usual Arduino C/C++ programming environment.

Works with following boards:
  • Arduino Mega 1280
  • Arduino Mega 2560, 2560-R3 or ADK
  • chipKIT Max32

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NXShield Arduino Library and Example Programs

Visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/nxshield/.
Download the latest zip file from this location and follow the instructions to install the files.

For API Library interface in your Arduino sketches, visit:
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