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NXShield-D for Arduino Duemilanove or Uno

NXShield-D (for Arduino Duemilanove/Uno)NXShield-D attaches directly to an Arduino Duemilanove or Uno.
It allows you to connect upto 4 NXT motors, and 4 NXT Sensors, and program for them through Arduino sketch.
You can also attach upto 6 RC Servo motors to NXShield-D.
It also provides ports for I2C devices.

Programming for NXShield is on Arduino, using usual Arduino C/C++ programming environment.

Works with following boards:
  • Arduino Uno, Uno R3
  • Arduino Duemilanove
  • chipKIT Uno32

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    User Guide and Advanced Developers Guide
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    Frequently Asked Questions

NXShield Arduino Library and Example Programs

Download the latest zip file from this location and follow the instructions to install the files.

For API Library interface in your Arduino sketches, visit:
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