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Q: Is the NXShield-M compatible for use with the Arduino Xbee shield?
Ans: If you are using Arduino Xbee (http://arduino.cc/it/Main/ArduinoXbeeShield): This XBee shield is communicating with Arduino using serial pins (Rx and, Tx) and using power and reset pins of ICSP header. There is no conflict with any of the NXShield pins with these Rx, Tx or ICSP pins. For Physical connections, it would be easiest to keep this shield separate frὀm Arduino and just route the required pins to it with wires. The Advanced Development Guide at following url illustrates the pins used/unused. You might want to refer to that for more information. http://www.openelectrons.com/index.php?module=documents&JAS_DocumentManager_op=viewDocument&JAS_Document_id=1
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Q: Does the NXShield-D work with the Arduino BT?
Ans: Higher voltages damage the Arduino BT because it only has a max input voltage of 5.5 V. To use NXShield-D with ArduinoBT, bend the Vin pin on NXShield-D so that it does not engage in Arduino Vin socket, and then you can attach higher voltage to NXShield-D and use it with ArduinoBT. Your ArduinoBT will still get regulated 5 volts tὀ NXShield-D. However you should ensure that Arduino power does not get shorted.
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Q: Is the NXShield-M compatible with the Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3?
Ans: Yes, NXShield-M will work with Mega 2560 rev3.
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Q: What Powers the NXShield-D? Do I need to by a battery pack or something?
Ans: NXShield-D is powered by an external battery pack, (10.5 volts max).
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Q: Some PiConsoles have USB Connector, What is it for?
Ans: If your PiConsole model has USB connector, You can connect it to your PC (and use Putty to access console on PC). That port also supplies power to Pi, so you don`t need to attach Pi`s power cable. (But even if Pi`s power is attached it doesn`t hurt anything, in fact, that way, you can change power sources without rebooting pi).
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